Ever get that feeling that everything has gone too smoothly? Well, here at Togaedere Towers, it certainly feels that way!

We're all beavering away, getting our work ready along with all the other aspects of organising an exhibition. Who knew there was so much to consider? (we did, actually). But it appears that all is going well, so far.

Awesome venue: check
All work ready: check
Prints ordered: check
Spaces allocated: check
Social media mayhem: check, check, check!

Yes, our rather brilliant marketing team have been ultra busy on the Twittersphere, making sure that all the people who need to know, know. We've had articles published on listings sites, we've had a retweet by the awesome Len Grant (we've all admired him since delivering a lecture to us last year) AND a blog post/mention in a presentation to Uni students by one of our sponsors, Printers Inc. Speaking of which, if you're an artist or photographer who would like to sell your work, you need to have a look at their Button Factory service. It requires minimal input and yet your work can be sold to anyone in the world, at a price that you choose. How cool?

Next up for the team is getting the good folk of Manchester's Northern Quarter to stock our cool posters and flyers, designed by collective member Michal (with a little help from Textbook Studio). Big shout out to Vicky and Chris as they've gently steered us from possible conflicts to smooth running harmony. Not an easy feat with so many creative points of view!

We have a team ready to collect the promo printing from MuPrint, who are also a sponsor of Decipher. We've used them before for a charity event that some of the collective were involved with and their prices/service can't be faulted. Check them out should you ever need printy stuff, they're good! (and not just for students!)

Well that's it for now. Don't forget to keep up with things on Twitter and Facebook. And if you're in Manchester on 12th Feb, here's an invite to the Decipher launch. We'd love to see a variety of faces.


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