Not long for us now... 8 days until launch night. Are we ready? We think so. Are we excited? Definitely.

The posters and flyers have arrived and are looking tip-top - a job well done by MuPrint. Now for the marketing team to use their charms and get them into all the hip-happening top spots in Manchester's creative Northern Quarter. If you happen to see one, tweet the location to @togaedere and take a photo, if you feel inclined (we like photos).

There's always the niggling feeling that something hasn't been done, or even considered, but we're mostly sure that everything is in order. Just a few more days of grafting, planning the little details that will make it great and hoping that we pull it off! First time nerves, of course we'll pull it off.

Not much more to say for now. We're busy sharing our news over on the Twittersphere, so feel free to join us there for sneak previews of work to be shown at the exhibition and "behind the scene" pics... they should raise a smile or two!



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